How to use Remote Web Access in Server 2012

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The Remote Web Access (RWA) provides a portal that can allow users access to the following features depending on access:

  • Remote access to devices for remote control
  • Access to files on server shares via a web interface on desktop and mobile devices
  • Access to set of links that can supply help info or company material

The following document aims to help you access these features and particular device remote control. In order to access remote control, you will require the following information or prerequisites:

  • Office username and password
  • Rights to access resources remotely
  • Name of the device that you will remote control i.e. PCWKSXX where XX is a number
  • Internet explorer as your browser
  • Server name to access remote company site (e.g.

Procedure for remote control

Using Internet Explorer only, type in the address bar and go to that site. Sign in using the username and password you would use to logon to your machine in the office. Optionally you can select “Remember me on this device” if the machine you are using is secure and you want it to remember your username and password.

In the image below you will see a list of devices as an example. The amount of devices shown will depend on your access level. Select the machine you would like to remote control. If you are unsure of what your office computer name is please see the identify your PC at the end of this document.

If the machine you want to remote control is greyed out, this could mean that it is switched off. If there is a red dot beside the machine, this means someone else is remote controlling it.

Choose connect. Optionally you can select “Don’t ask me for remote connections from this publisher again” in you want to skip this step in the future.

Enter the password you would use to logon to your machine in the office and then select OK. If the username displayed is not correct, you can change this by selecting “Use another account” and then enter the username you would use to logon on your office computer.

Optionally you can select “Remember my credentials” if the machine you are using at home is secure and you want to skip this step.  

Potential dialog that may come up but not always is the one below. If it does please click on the indicated checkbox and then click on yes to continue.

Identify your PC

If you are not sure which machine you are remote controlling, then on your machine in the office, go to “Start”, right click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. Your computer name displayed here is the machine you are wanting to remote control.

Optionally you can select the “Up Arrow” on the bottom right of your screen to “Show Hidden Icons”, right click the “E” for Equinox and select “Identify PC.”

Further questions

If you have any questions or require more information then please get in touch with Equinox ITC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you out.